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ELISATH launches smartpool

By 15 February 2016 February 7th, 2020 No Comments
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Specializing in computerized ticketing which equips 80% of aquatic centers, ELISATH is launching an energy optimization system. And doubles the surface of its premises.

Many inhabitants of Nancy have passed through its “turnstiles” and have already had one of their cards in their hands. Like the bathers at the Lido pool, for example. They are not the only ones: 80% of French swimming pools have adopted the computerized ticketing system developed by Elisath, an SMB of 20 people located in the ZAC du Breuil in Messein. The Caen aquatic center has been equipped with this since 2015, as do a number of skating rinks, theme parks, museums, tourist offices, etc. Present in Norway, Belgium, Singapore, Gabon, Albania, etc.

The company – located near Cristal Laser , another technological nugget – generates almost a quarter of its turnover internationally. Real-time cost management Elisath is betting on innovation to glimpse other development prospects.

“Committed to an HQE approach, the Messein SME is launching a new product: ELISATH Energy, an optimization tool that allows better energy management. The engineers in the R & D department (who represent almost half of the workforce) are constantly developing “to better meet customer needs”. “Constant improvement” which has thus made it possible to develop solutions “in line with the energy transition. “More than just a computerized ticketing system, our system allows optimized management of any building. It’s nothing more than a comprehensive management system that analyzes all costs in real time, ”says Elisabeth Ferlet.

The building thus becomes intelligent and the swimming pools more “smart”. The launch of Elisath energy coincides with the start of work to double the surface area to 1,000 m2. “By increasing the storage capacity and strengthening our hotline, we want to improve our reactivity”. Of course, the company’s premises are equipped with an Elisath Energy system. “Last spring, we saw that gas consumption continued to increase. It allowed us to detect a leak. ”