Revenue boosters


On-line Booking and Ticket Sales

24 hours a day, seven days a week, ELIWEB allows you to increase your intake and optimise your attendance rate, significantly reducing your booking management time. It offers an attractive service to the customers who buy on-line today.

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Optimise your Attendance Rate

Booking an activity, a workshop or a lesson automatically is possible thanks to ELIWEB. The booking information which is stored in a database which is accessible from any terminal in real time. Authorised within an adjustable time frame, the cancellation of a booking automatically re credits the subscriber and the corresponding time slot is immediately freed up.

Increasing attendance
Reducing management time
More comfort for your customers
Growing your client base
Increasing revenue
Smart-phone app

Your 24/7 Sales Point

Buying on-line today is a daily occurrence for millions of web users in France and in the world. 24 hours a day and 365 days per year, ELIWEB offers your customers the comfort and ease of buying what they are looking for on the internet and through an app on their smart phone. With ELIWEB, you will increase your customer base, you will increase your sales and you will gain loyalty through services such as sending reminder notifications or other important information.