Energy Optimisation


Tailor-made Service and Support

Tailor-made Service

From audits to optimisation, we guarantee a tailor-made service at each stage.

We Collect the Data

Based on the detailed plans of our building, its surroundings and the building materials used.

We Collect the Data

And/or based on our visit, diagnosis and analysis, in particular with the help of a thermal camera.

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We Configure EliGreen

  • With the help of collected volumetric data and energy performance
  • By taking on board technical specifications: of your energy production installations (heating, electricity, air-conditioning), of your distribution network and its wastage rate
  • By integrating for each area in question, heating and humidity standards to be met

Before, During and After Installing EliGreen

Once the software has been installed and configured, you can always call on us for:

  • Occasional assistance
  • Weekly, monthly or yearly follow up
  • Staff training