Expert in ticketing systems,

access control

and energy optimization

Intelligent and innovative solutions since 1995

To develop intelligent and innovative ticketing and access control solutions, this is the goal successfully followed by Elisath since 1995. Empowered by years of expertise in public infrastructures, Elisath offers you also an exclusive tool for energy optimization.

With 80% of the swimming-pools and aquatic centers market in France and more than 900 references in the world, Elisath’s success remains in its engagement towards each of its customers, the constant research of innovation and a real support before, during and after the installation of each project.

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References all over the world

From Le Palais de Megève to the public boat transport of Abidjan, including the energy optimization of a building in Dubai, the historical sites of Morocco or all the sport and cultural sites of Nîmes: the integrated solutions, progressive and tailor-made of Elisath increase the rentability of every infrastructure open to the public.

Never Give Up

A partner who never gives up

Beyond figures, Elisath is a team of engineers and technicians, operators and project specialists experienced in several activity fields where could be wisely used those solutions of ticketing system, access control and energy optimization.

Represented by its founder and CEO, Elisabeth Ferlet, Elisath is also the energy of your project thanks to the willingness and engagement to never give up, values which represent the company.

To install for you the ticketing system of the future, intelligent and long-lasting, to assure a fluid and secure access control, to allow you to optimize your energy consumption, this is exciting projects. In France and all over the world, we assure the study and execution of every project. We assure the training of your staff, the support and maintenance of our solutions. To support you in each step for an effective management of your activity: this is the engagement we made.

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Key figures


years of expertise
in 2020


references in France
and all over the world


of the swimming-pools market
in France


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in R&D each year

Elisath supports France

With Emmanuel Macron, Elisath supports France to welcome the organization of major sportive and international events on the French territory.

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