Leisure Parks

Ticketing and Access Control for Leisure and Theme Parks

Especially dedicated to theme and leisure parks, ELIPARC ensures global management of ticketing, on-line and at the entrance to the park, as well as specific management of access to the park’s attractions and shows. Car Park management, booking stays and shows are other features of this software’s capacity to ensure quality service to your visitors and an easy management of your leisure facility.

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At the heart of ELIPARC

Managing Multiple Sales Points

  • Fixed
  • Mobile
  • Vending machines
  • On-line sales

Access Control

  • Bar-code tickets
  • RFID cards and bracelets
  • Biometric control
  • Cashless payment devices


  • Material resources (audio guides, etc.)
  • Car Park
  • Boutique and restaurant

Event Ticketing

Booking of shows

Booking of guided tours

Booking of stays

Back office

Managing staff’s schedules and activities
Managing accounting
Managing statistics

Tailor-made module choice

On-line booking and ticket sales
Monitoring and managing equipment
Customer Relations Management (CRM)
Multimedia information and promotion
Any tailor-made development
is available upon request
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Elisath support

Tailor-made study

A to Z support

Assistance seven days a week