Fitness centres, stadiums, gyms, golf courses, tennis court

Ticketing and Access Control for Fitness Centres, Stadiums, Gyms , Golf Courses and Tennis Court

The ELIPSORT ticketing and access control system adapt to your centre or your sporting event whether you manage a stadium, a fitness centre, a gym, a golf course or whether you are organising local competitions or international events. Safe and flowing access, combined with car park, restaurant and boutique management: let EliSport ensure you an effective and profitable management of your center or event.

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At the heart of ELISPORT

Managing Multiple Sales Points

  • Fixed
  • Mobile
  • Vending machines
  • On-line sales

Access Control

  • Bar-code tickets
  • RFID cards and bracelets
  • Biometric control


  • Human and material resources
    (teachers, rackets and caddies, etc.)
  • Car Park
  • Boutique and restaurant

Event Ticketing

Counting per area (sportsmen and spectators, etc.)

Area booking (pitches and courts, etc.)

Back office

Managing staff’s schedules and activities
Managing accounting
Managing statistics

Tailor-made module choice

On-line booking and ticket sales
Monitoring and managing equipment
Customer Relations Management (CRM)
Multimedia information and promotion
Any tailor-made development
is available upon request
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Elisath support

Tailor-made Study

A to Z support

Assistance seven days a week