Cash register and office printers

A wide range of desktop and thermal printers, to meet all expectations and needs: barcode ticket printing, Black Mark management, badge printing, customisable tickets, multi-format …

Thermal ticket printer

The high-end printer for tickets and badges. Customised printing with your logo, information and barcode as a ticket. Ideal for tickets for shows, theme parks, museums… The tickets are automatically fed through a draft shield and separated by a cutter.

Ticket printer

The ticket printer allows the printing of receipts and barcode tickets. These tickets can be used to justify each sale to customers and/or to generate a barcode for access control.

Card printer

The card printer generates colour badges individually or in small batches, while guaranteeing optimal output. The cards are inserted manually or automatically. The printed card comes out at the front. This equipment allows, among other things, the printing of the subscriber’s card with his photo.

Desktop printer

Ideal for the edition of cash register statements, invoices and statistics. Various models are available in the catalogue: inkjet printer, printer, laser, black and white, colour, with scanner…

Wristband printer

This model of thermal printer is distinguished by the format and quality of the media used. It allows the printing and personalisation of 25 mm wide security wristbands. These wristbands are used to identify people for access control.

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