Tripod Turnstiles & Gates

Bi-directional turnstiles (indoor and outdoor) and PRM gates equipped with state-of-the-art technology offering a secure, fluid and intelligent access system for all your spaces: RFID reader, barcode reader, biometry.

Indoor & Outdoor turnstile

The TriLane range of tripod turnstiles are designed for cost-effective deterrent access control and allow the incorporation of control equipment such as RFID readers, barcode scanners and biometric readers.

Two-way motorised gate (stainless steel and glazed)

The motorised gate allows access to the building for people with reduced mobility and respects the number of passage units for emergency exits. They allow up to 90 cm of passage in the single version (and up to 180 cm of passage in the double version). It is connected to a control panel located at the cash desk, which allows the passage to be released either once (automatic re-blocking after a few seconds) or permanently.

Also available in a glass version for prestigious environments.

Our Selection Criteria



Reduced maintenance

Ease of dismantling

Anti-panic feature