Revenue boosters


Optimising Customer Loyalty Relations

As an essential tool to gain your customers’ loyalty, Elisath’s CRM module is completely nitrated to your ticketing and access control system. It allows you in particular to analyse your client’s journey, their preferred times and their favourite activities. Using preprogramed queries and its customised query editor, you can easily select your customers or subscribers in order to offer them products or services corresponding to their expectations and those you want to promote.

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Choose your Targets Easily
Easy and fast access to different queries help you to find the subscribers who fit your target criteria: age, birthday, customers who have already bought a specific product or a specific activity, etc.

Personalise your Communication
You can send your personalised promotional campaign by email, text or post, tailor making your offer and your message depending on each selected target.

Automate your Communication Actions
Thanks to planned tasks, you can automatically send the queries and the specified actions at the time on the date you decide.