Energy Optimisation


Energy Audits and Optimisation

Save Money, Improve your users’ Comfort and Reduce your Carbon Footprint

In swimming pools, sports centres, shopping centres, congress centres, administration buildings and other public facilities, the energy bill can quickly turn out to be astronomical.
EliGreen, especially designed for public buildings allows you to analyse and optimise your energy consumption.

E L I G R E E N co2

An Intelligent and Realistic Solution

EliGreen integrates historical and real-time data to create a realistic energy report for your facility.


This report precisely determines your normal energy consumption


It compares this standard with your instructions and with your true consumption


It consequently allows you to detect any irregularity.

The only Software That Takes
7 Essential Settings into Account

Drawing up an energy report for your facility allows you to detect any irregularities EliGreen is the only software on the market capable of taking seven essential settings into consideration.

1. The Structure of your Building

Its composition and layout
Its building materials and their energy performance ratios according to SHRAE/DIN/RT2012 standards

2. Your Facility’s Energy Equipment

The nature and performance of your heat and electricity production equipment
The nature and wastage of your network and of your energy distribution terminals

3. The Thermal Inertia of your Building

It integrates the thermal inertia of different zones based on active electrical equipment: Lights, computers and other electrical appliances.

4. Real-time Climatic Conditions

External temperature, relative humidity, level of sunlight, etc.

5. The Attendance Rate of your Facility

For your staff or the public who accesses it

6. The Activity Carried Out

Static, dynamic or intensely sporty

7. The Nature of your Audience

Children, adults, seniors, accomplished athletes, etc