Cash register equipment & peripherals

All the necessary equipment for efficient and ergonomic sales outlets.

Customer display

This customer display has a sleek, contemporary design. Compact and tiltable, it offers great adaptability and space saving. Its excellent graphic quality coupled with LED backlighting ensures a clear display for your customers.
It can be set up in several languages and will fit perfectly into any point of sale. (Its integrated USB cable allows the simultaneous transmission of all data as well as the power supply).

Compact touch case

A sleek, all-purpose point-of-sale with multiple configurations.
Compact and reliable, it guarantees increased performance, offers a capacitive multi-touch screen (PCAP technology) and is shock and scratch resistant. The perfect POS to optimise all your cashiering needs.

Secure cash drawer

An essential tool at the point of sale, the cash drawer opens each time the operator makes a sale. Composed of an insert separating coins (8 compartments) and banknotes (4 doubled compartments), it is secured by a key lock.

RFID encoder reader

Plugged into the USB port of the cashier’s station, it can be used to encode RFID badges at each sale or to reload subscribers’ badges. Using contact and contactless card technology, the reader provides users with the convenience, speed and security needed for strict customer authentication.

Bank terminal

With its touchscreen interface, ease of use and fast printer, this bank terminal offers a unique checkout experience and can accept all payment methods. It can be used for a wide range of applications, turning your point of sale into a point of service.

Cheque reader

Connected to our collection solution, this reader reads and issues a cheque in less than 3 seconds. It also offers a maximum guarantee against fraud by connecting to all cheque databases, consultation or guarantee services, to ensure optimal security for both the merchant and the customer.


Installed at the checkout, the webcam allows subscribers’ photos to be taken for immediate storage in the customer file.

Barcode shower

The barcode scanner is used to read all types of media in barcode format. Used to scan the barcode of products sold at the checkout, it offers fast and reliable omni-directional reading in a robust and elegant Imager 2D reader. The amount is transmitted to the checkout module at the time of sale. The operator only has to make the corresponding payment.

Sales terminal

Placed at the heart of the sales areas, the automatic ticket machine encourages customer autonomy, frees up queues and allows cashiers to offer a personalised welcome to users.
A multi-functional device, equipped with a 32″ screen, it allows the purchase of single tickets, the consultation and recharging of subscriptions, the purchase of tickets for temporary events and allows the customer to access online reservations. Thanks to the integrated cross-selling and up-selling technologies, it is a formidable sales lever.

PDA Hand-held terminal

High-performance and secure, the PDA enables efficient management of customers and optimises flows. A real 2-in-1 technology concentrate, it allows the control of passages with the debiting of RFID badges or barcode tickets, the follow-up of presence, the follow-up of web reservations (live) and offers an additional point of sale in case of affluence.
Every queue is a business opportunity, seize it!
With Elisath’s mobile solutions, offer a tailored service and improve the customer experience.

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