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MONTBARD : The swimming pool revises its access system

By 2 February 2016 February 7th, 2020 No Comments
la piscine revoit son systeme d acces

Article – The Public Good – 09/02/2016

Thursday evening, the Amphitrite aquatic center invited elected officials and presidents of aquatic sports associations to discover the new access control implemented in the establishment. It is a new generation access system which has just been installed at the Montbard aquatic center. More modern and above all more practical, it should make life easier for users and site managers.

“It became necessary to develop the old system and bring it closer to new technologies,” notes Lætitia Poirez, of the Elisath group, French leader in computerized ticketing and access control, which equips almost 80% of swimming pools of France.

Faster and more convenient access control

A new system that was presented Thursday evening to elected officials and presidents of aquatic sports associations. “The objective today is to offer users a more practical tool, with which they can access the pools, but also book their activities online or recharge their subscription. There must be a saving of time for the client “, explains Stéphane Laissus, the director of the aquatic center.

And if this new system allows a gain of comfort for the customer, who will no longer be obliged to combine codes and cards, it also offers the pool teams the possibility of ensuring a more precise counting of users. “It is useful for us to compile our attendance statistics, but not only. These figures are also needed to ensure site security; this is part of our obligations, ”says the director.

Another important point that this new generation system could offer: the energy savings of the building which will be calculated according to the number of users present inside. “This calculator could allow us to make significant savings on the energy bill,” hopes Stéphane Laissus, who does not hesitate to speak of “new era” and “smart pool”.

Easy to install, easy to use system Easy to use, but also easy to install, the new access control took place in the Montbard building last November. “In two days, everything was in place, despite the presence of the public. We wanted to install the device at the time of the drain, but everything was not ready. So, the installation was done in November, “says Lætitia Poirez. Now everyone has to adapt to this new system. “Customers have until the end of August to get used to it.” But everything is very simple: they just have to change their card at the reception of the center and collect a new one to pass it in front of the entrance terminal, in order to access the changing rooms and the pools, “recalls the director, who really sees nothing but positive about this change.