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Computerised Ticketing

An omnichannel ticketing system to meet all expectations and needs. At the checkout, online, via the kiosk, from the mobile application, your customers can easily and simply access your entire product catalog. 

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Access Control

Thanks to a unique database coupled with a link between systems (tickets and RFID), Elisath’s access solutions will help you to control, fluidify attendance and secure access to your ERP (Etablissement Recevant du Public).

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Energy Optimisation

Your 24/7 energy manager to optimize your facility’s performance, reduce consumption and increase user comfort.

Elisath, the reference in ticketing and access control for over 25 years

With over 900 references in France and in the world, Elisath is the French leader in ticketing and access control system. The company develops tailor-made integrated and progressive ticketing and access control solutions. Indeed, Elisath is the proud partner of many different facilities like: swimming pools, water parks, skating rinks, stadiums, gyms, golf courses, leisure parks, museums, cultural centres, public transport systems and public buildings.


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energy resources
Promoting sales
through display
Customer Relations
Management (CRM)

Ticketing and Access
Control Solutions

Tailor-made and Progressive
Booking and ticketing:
On-line - On-site - Mobile
Access Control:
RFID - Bar codes - Biometric
Centralised Monitoring:
Check outs - Access - Turnover…

Ticketing and Access Control Solutions

sur mesure et évolutive

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Customer Relations
Management (CRM)
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Promoting sales
through display
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energy resources
ico mobil ticket
Booking and ticketing:
On-line – On-site – Mobile
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Access Control:
RFID – Bar codes – Biometric
Centralised Monitoring:
Check outs – Access – Turnover…

Elisath in figures

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50 employees

in the service of innovation

25 ans exp 1 1

20% of sales

invested in R&D

1000 refs 1

+ 1000 references

in France and in the world

50 collaborateurs 1

25+ years

of experience in the industry

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Ticketing and Access Control Software for Every Field

An effective ticketing and access control management coupled with specific modules and functions for each sector: this is the heart of each Elisath’ s solution. This is how Elisath has been developing: ELISO, for swimming pools, ELIGLISS for skating rinks, ELISPORT, for fitness centres, stadiums, gyms and golf courses, ELIPARC for theme and leisure parks, ELISART for museums and cultural centres, ELIWAY for public transport systems.

Ultramodern Equipment Combined with Technical Assistance Seven Days a Week

Check outs, encoders and scanners, tripod turnstile gates, revolving doors and gates, speed lanes, RFID and bar-code scanners, sensors and counting cameras, tickets, bracelets and RFID cards provide flowing and safe access to your facility. Our hotline is available seven days a week, 365 days a year to help your staff and intervene as fast as possible if needed.

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All of the Tools to Maximise your Revenue

The online selling and booking web module, which optimises your occupancy rate. The multifunction automatic teller machine to fight fraud and to improve the entry processing. Our PDA, the mobile solutions for access control and sales. Our CRM tool to promote your actions through onsite displays. Elisath make these tools available for you to boost your revenues.


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🧐 Zoom services : with you every step !

At ELISATH, we believe in the power of support. From project audit to ongoing support, we're there every step of the way 🤝💡! 🔍 Pre-project…
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🧐 Zoom services : maintenance agreement

Elisath supports you every day with an optimum maintenance service. After each installation, an annual maintenance contract tailored to your needs is offered to ensure…

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