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Visit of Fleur Pellerin, Minister Delegate for SMEs

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visite fleur pellerin ministre deleguee aux PME


Nancy. Three short hours and then goes away…

The visit of Fleur Pellerin, Minister Delegate in charge of small and medium-sized enterprises for innovation and the digital economy in Meurthe-et-Moselle, yesterday at the end of the afternoon was millimeter. Clocked to the rhythm of the TGV. Shaken by the snowstorm that fell on Nancy at the time of her arrival and traffic jams increased by bad weather “I will come back at greater length,” she promised to both. Escorted by a whole group of elected PS officials, including its host, the deputy Dominique Potier, who is full of praise, “it’s a brain”, the one who represents “the youth and the renewal” of the government was taken to the no charge in the industrial area of ​​Messein, south of Nancy, close to Neuves-Maisons, former stronghold of the steel industry. “This territory, which embodied the suffering of Lorraine, has become its hope …”, enthused the deputy.

Two companies were on the menu for the ministerial visit. Crystal laser, manufactures liquid crystals and the company Elisath, specializing in ticketing and computer access control. “700 communities already appreciate our know-how,” explains Dominique Perrin, the company’s financial director who has 18 years of existence, around twenty employees and around thirty subcontractors throughout France. The lady tours the owner in the absence of the company manager, Elisabeth Ferlet, traveling to Brazil, to sell her innovative technologies and to equip, who knows, the installations of the world football and the Olympic Games.

“I wish you good luck. You embody the France that wins! “Congratulates Fleur Pellerin during a Skype link.

“My goal is to make Elisath the world leader in electronic banking and access control. Ultimately I also want to develop social systems in all the countries where we are located, to help, why not, women to set up their businesses, ”resumes Elisabeth Ferlet from a distance, whose company is already present in the Benelux, Gabon, Switzerland, Scandinavia, Singapore, Albania and soon in Russia… “It’s great to have been able to conduct your business internationally. It is also wonderful that a woman has succeeded in a field which is a priori masculine, “breathes with a machine gun rate Madam Minister.

Female entrepreneurship is close to her heart, and she said it a little later on the Artel site in Nancy. Where precisely, the CGPME 54 rewards its laureates, three Lorraine bosses who excel in their field. “I don’t want to be in politics tonight.” Earlier in the afternoon, she did. Recalling several times the competitiveness plan put in place by the government. She probably also mentioned it during her exchange with elected officials and actors from the economic world of Meurthe-et-Moselle, but the press was not invited to this meeting. “They did not want it,” said the prefecture. “False, we were asked nothing,” retorted the interested parties. A third source assured us that this initiative came from the ministerial cabinet …