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Well-Being at work

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Elisabeth Ferlet did not for it to be fashionable to focus on well-being at work and the quality of life of her staff

Charity well ordered

Indeed, as the saying goes, “Well-ordered charity begins with oneself”, this hyperactive CEO was interested very early in anything that could improve balance and comfort in her professional setting. She, herself faced very stressful conditions of stress and fatigue worthy of a high-level athlete, has integrated into her life mode techniques of nutrition, relaxation, concentration that allow her to carry out this fight of modern times that is the management of a High Tech company.

With her knowledge and openness to these new approaches to management, she began by developing a “Well-being” room for her staff. This room is organized with a relaxation area, itself equipped with a fabulous sphere of music therapy.

The musical sphere

This sphere imported from Switzerland represents the best in the field. Installed in a comfortable armchair, the stressed computer developer will be able in 10 minutes to find serenity by listening to very sophisticated musical programs that act on our nervous system and our psychic states. The results are amazing, you come out of this sphere with “fresh mind” and a beautiful energy that will stay you throughout the day. This sphere meets a great success with a yet Cartesian staff, so much so that Madame Ferlet seriously thinks to promote it commercially

Zen Garden Another point of support, nature and the elements of life. Mrs. Ferlet, had to restore an internal green space to the company located in the heart of the building, has called on an inspired architect who has taken over the pleasure garden by transforming it into a Zen gardenThe results are palpable and everyone benefits, the garden spreading its natural well-being to all staff and the entire building. 

Projects?The projects are not lacking because the tracks of evolution are numerous, but we are not in the Silicon Valley, and France are very late in the field of the QLW.It will be necessary to inform, to train, to allow the QLW and the well-being, to be better understood and accepted, as well by the managers as by the personnel.