Success Story : City of Nîmes

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Elisath Successstory NimesEN

In 2017, the City of Nîmes chose the ELISATH solution for the implementation of a computerised ticketing and central access control system for all its cultural and sports establishments. Eric Coste, IT Project Manager, shares his feedback with us:

What were your short-term objectives ?

  • Modernise: the city’s facilities, the user experience
  • Harmonise: federate access to the city’s sites, harmonise processes between departments
  • Secure: fight against fraud, meet safety standards (instantaneous traffic…)

What are the challenges in your business today ?

  • Improve and facilitate services to citizens
  • Modernise the city’s equipment and processes
  • To have a better visibility on its activities and knowledge of its users

How does the Elisath solution help you meet these challenges ?

  • By offering us new technological devices (sales on a tablet…)
  • By offering online services (sales, reservations, etc.)
  • By setting up innovative equipment (coin-operated machines, vending machines, etc.)
  • By developing analysis tools (new statistical reports, C.R.M.)
  • By allowing the user to be more autonomous (online or automatic purchase, reloading of cards, activity reservations, etc.)

What do you like most about the solution ? Having several sales channels: physical sales, online sales, vending machine sales, etc.). Having a centralised system grouping together heterogeneous activities (sport, culture, etc.).

Tell us about Elisath’s support ? Elisath is a company that knows how to evolve its solution in order to adapt it to the needs of its customers. It has been able to meet the challenges faced by the city of Nîmes.
Elisath supports the city of Nîmes in its desire to improve the user experience while modernising its processes and infrastructures.

Why did you choose Elisath ? Elisath was chosen after a competitive bidding process through a public tender. Elisath came first in terms of technical and price criteria.

Elisath in three words ? Dynamism, innovation, adaptability