Success story : City of Laval

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Elisath Successstory LavalEN

ELISATH has been equipping the swimming pools of the Laval Agglomeration with access control and computerised ticketing for many years. Thierry Prat, head of the swimming pool department, shares his experience with us :

What were your short-term objectives ?

Organise the legibility of our rates and products for all our activities while creating elements of fluidity of access to the establishment.

What are the challenge in your business today ?

Introduce the elements of the customer’s sporting life while opening up his field of decision to his circle of reference, friends, family, professional space, in order to enable him to appropriate the multi-activity concepts and above all to create a constant feeling of well-being in the quality of the services offered… You are “better” than at home!

How does the Elisath solution help you meet these challenges ?

On three fields:

  • an application
  • online reservations
  • promotional creation of multiple offers, travel, well-being, discovery of other consumer products

What do you like most about the solution ? Its capacity to evolve in the coming months with, for example, tables linked to the various queries completed. Its expertise in the field of swimming pools means that it takes into account the simple and complex needs of managers.

Tell us about Elisath’s support ? I appreciate the conceptual elements transmitted, the forum, its reactivity in the follow-up of the reception staff.

Why did you choose Elisath ? And above all, why not change. You don’t change a winning team that hears you !

Elisath in three words ? Adaptability, conceptualisation, expertise.