Success Story : Montluçon Police School

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Elisath Successtory Gendarmerie EN 1

Elisath supports the Montluçon Police School with the installation of an automatic meal ticket dispenser.

Short-term objectives?

Find a solution to bring the sale of meal tickets closer to the point of consumption without wasting staff!

What are the current challenges in your business?

Improving the payment of student invoices.

How does the Elisath solution help you?

By providing a solution with equipment that is perfectly adapted and configured for the establishment.

What do you like most about the solution?

Its innovative aspect, which has never been done elsewhere.

Tell us about Elisath’s support?

The fact of having only one contact person is perfect. Especially when it’s Mr Gadan!

Why did you choose Elisath?

After doing some research on the internet, I got in touch with Elisath and I immediately realised that I was in the right place.

Elisath in three words? Adaptability, performance, confidence.

Major Coutant – Director of the mixed circle of Montluçon