Online ticketing: your 24/7 point of sale

By 22 February 2022 No Comments
ELISATH Billetterieenligne

In 2020, 41.6 million French people bought online, including 17.1 million from their mobile*. With a range of diverse and varied offers to promote, sports and cultural centers are no exception to this trend 📈 and having an online ticketing solution is now essential to :

👉Provide users with a 24/7 point of sale
👉 Build customer loyalty and increase attendance
👉Increase your revenues
👉Promote your offers and improve your visibility
👉Facilitate the passage of events via the web and social networks
👉 Track your sales in real time
👉Benefit from time saving and cost reduction

ELIWEB: the module that meets all your customers’ desires 😀
And you, what are you waiting for to adopt the digital counter? 🎯