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ELISATH regulates the cost of public swinning-pools

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elisath regule le cout des piscines publiques

Aquatic centers, skating rinks or convention centers, given the heavy operating costs involved in this equipment, are very often in deficit. Much to the dismay of the communities that own them. Based in Messein (Meurthe-et-Moselle), the company Elisath has been offering, for a few months, a software for controlled management of heating, electricity and consumption, according to the influx of users monitored in real time .

“Thus, during peak periods, the system, which takes into account the heat generated by visitors and by the operation of the various devices, reduces heating but, depending on the equipment concerned, increases the water treatment device pools or ventilation « 

Explains Elisabeth Ferlet, founding director of the Lorraine firm. The latter employs 30 people and has a turnover of 5 million euros. Thanks to this software, dubbed « Eligreen », the operator of a site can instantly and precisely know the operating costs. It can also adapt its activity according to the desired results.

Tertiary buildings If, for the moment, local authorities and their partners, delegated by public services, are the main customers of Elisath, its products also interest the occupants of buildings for tertiary or commercial use. The company has also equipped itself with its software and claims to achieve approximately 30% savings in energy consumption. Elisath originally specialized in ticketing and access control for public facilities. She still carries out this activity.

« It was by chance, after a first professional experience, that I had the idea of ​​creating this company in 1995. I started out by equipping the swimming pool in Colmar, in Alsace »

Recalls Elisabeth Ferlet, a graduate of a business school. Today, almost 80% of public aquatic centers in France use its software. In addition to its facilities in France, Elisath is also present in Belgium, Norway and Albania. And, the Lorraine company installed, a year ago, the ticket office of the Pinacothèque de Paris in Singapore.

Pascal AMBROSI, Les Echos
Corresponding to Nancy